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paraCAD+ is a powerful 2D Computer Aided Design system
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paraCAD is a powerful 2D Computer Aided Design system, simple to use but having the major benefits of interactive parametrics, tailorability, high-level programming language and functionality found only in CAD software costing far more.
Built into paraCAD is an intelligence not available in other systems. paraCAD understands drawing units, sheet sizes and drawing scale, and allows you to modify these at any time during the design process automatically updating the drawing.
This intelligence also offers the designer many benefits and time saving features, such as : being able to toggle between units when entering values for distances and angles; symbols drawn in one type of drawing units (e.g. inches) are automatically scaled correctly when inserted into drawings set to other units (e.g. mm); dimensioning on a drawing can be automatically converted between drawing units simply with the selection of one menu item.
Another unique feature in paraCAD is the ability to create text styles with a height defined in paper units. By using this feature you are setting the height of the text when the drawing is printed and, regardless of how the sheet size or scale are changed, the printed text height will remain the same.
Main features:
-High powered geometry creation and editing tools
-Edit multiple drawings simultaneously
-Cut and paste between drawings
-User definable toolbars
-Import & Export many standard file formats including DWG & DXF
-User defined symbol dialog boxes
-Masses of parametric symbols for Mechanical Engineers including Nuts/bolts, Gears, Bearings, Shaft design
-Additional Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Process Symbols
-Powerful development interface allowing your own commands and objects to be added to the system

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